Magaluf- Quick Get Away Guide

Hi All, 

Firstly, Barrie and I went to Magaluf to let our hair down and get away a bit. This is no cultural holiday, just an excuse for sun and drinks! 

We arrived and used a transfer system booked through  from the airport. We had heard horror stories about these types of transfers so were a bit worried. However, it was brilliant and got us there with no trouble. Yes it took a little longer but it cost less than half the price. 

We stayed at a lovely lively hotel called Sotavento Apartments. It was a 5 min walk to the beach and the strip so for us a great location if a little noisey so not suitable for families. 

On this first day we explored the Magaluf beach which was only a stones throw away. The beach itself was clean and nice enough no spectacular view but some lovely cafes down the beach pathway. That night we headed to Magaluf strip which was in easy walking distance. The strip was lively with the inevitable PR people trying to get you inside.  There's no point in going out until late around midnight so get yourself a nice dinner and relax on the beach front with a cocktail or two until then. 

Once you're on the strip PR people will always try and get you inside every club. A lot of people say to avoid these people as you get charged more (they'll offer you drink deals to get you inside). This isn't exactly true that you'll be charged more but you will only be offered the local spirits which are usually not very nice and a bit unpredictable in strength. We let the PR people give us the drinks deals in the first few bars but after a short while you get sick of the syrupy drinks. We then just brushed past these people and went to the bar getting whatever drinks we wanted as it's not expensive in Magaluf. 

Barrie and I had the best time in Magaluf! We danced ourselves silly, drunk lots but felt safe (always be aware though & don't lose control). The best way to approach the strip is to go up and down it picking whichever bar's and clubs best take your fancy. The party scene in Magaluf seemed a bit older then other places we've been like Malia (blog to come about that one) and it has lots of stag and hen do's. This actually makes it a nice night out and raises the age range to a respectable 21-30 scene rather then just lots of 18 year old's running about...but there are plenty of those too. 

The next day we pretty much repeated the first (I told you this was an easy holiday). The difference was though we took a walk down to Palmanova beach which was very similar to Magaluf beach (around a 10-15 min walk away) but I would say more suitable for families. That night we headed to the strip again but stopped at a lovely cocktail bar on the beach front called Zen Bar. This is a nice place - if you can get a seat - to relax before the strip. 

On our last night we couldn't go to the strip because we had an early flight the next day but we had the most wonderful meal at the relatively new Olive Tree which is also on the Son Matias beach front. The food is superb and the waiting staff make you feel incredible. If we had gone to this place the first night we would have gone back! 

We got the same transfer company back to the airport with no hassel. Overall Magaluf was just what we needed at the time for a quick non intellectual, cheap get away. We spent a bit too much money on drink but apart from that I would recommend Magaluf for a bit of a light hearted get away.